Hi, I'm Hillary Nyakundi

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What I Do

I am A Developer who enjoys Coding and Building Stuff

More About Me

I am a Software Developer/Web Developer (Python, Django, WordPress, JavaScript)

Coding on Python and dreaming on Python and AI. To help companies to build complex application and systems to serve a large group of users with python and modern technologies. I also do UI/UX design for both websites and mobile Apps, Website Mantainance and rebuilding of website.


Developer with primary focus on Django + React:Download Resume

  • Python
  • Django
  • Java
  • React
  • Javascript
  • S.E.O
  • Wordpress
  • Html & Css
  • Office 365
  • Google Digital Skills

Some of My Projects

Desktop Virtual Assistant

Samaritan is a virtual assistant like siri and alexa. It is developed by the python language.

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Chat Bot

Bored and need a partner to chat with? I got an AI Chatbot for you created by python

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Django Ecom Website

A Django E-Comm site made by Python and the Django with all features of a shopping website.

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